Teresa Griffiths


Award winning director of documentary and drama.

Leonora Carrington: The Lost Surrealist.

Grierson Award for Best Arts Documentary 2018.

RTS Northern Ireland Best Specialist Factual 2018

Egon Schiele: Dangerous Desires

RTS [West of England] 2019 Best Director nominee

I have been working in film and television for more than twenty years and have directed many films that have been shown in the UK and around the world. I began my career working in the Arts Department at BBC Television. I have been freelance for more than fifteen years and have worked for both the BBC and Channel 4. I have made many single broadcast documentaries on a range of arts subjects but have also retraced the footsteps of Cortes in Mexico for a feature length C4 history special and have crossed the Sahara with desert nomads. I have made £1m plus drama docs for the Museum of Islamic Art and the Qatar Foundation broadcast on Qatar TV on Qatar National Day and used across many platforms in the country.  I am passionate about making beautifully crafted, intelligent documentaries but am also developing drama projects.

Download my full CV here.

Jonathan Partridge

JonathanI am a passionate and committed cameraman with many years experience in several different fields.
I started my career in the early 1980′s as a news cameraman, and quickly learnt how to think on my feet in developing situations. This skill has been extremely useful as I have moved on to work in documentaries and drama.
I am comfortable working with an extensive crew on a big set, but equally happy and excited working with a small documentary unit.
I am very fortunate to have worked with some extremely talented, award winning film makers, and indeed several of the films I have photographed have gone on to win awards in various countries.
When I started in this business, I was shooting news on an old CP16 film camera. This gave way fairly quickly to the brave new world of video acquisition. I have witnessed the progression from tube technology all the way to todays full frame sensor HD cameras and have been fortunate enough to have worked with most of these formats over the years. There was a period in the mid 1990′s when most of the high end documentaries and dramas in the uk were originated on 16mm. During this time I worked on many projects with my trusty Aaton XTR Prod and how I miss it still!
The work we we had to do to make the early Sony and Panasonic cameras look decent, often involved many hours of tweaking. These days with the development in high end HD acquisition it is more a question of managing data than fiddling in camera. This new generation of cameras is quite remarkable, and it is a wonderful privilege to be around at the time when, the nature of story telling through moving pictures is changing before our very eyes. It is thrilling to be part of this revolution.  Download my full CV here.